Resin Sets

Resin sets are suitable for modellers aged 14 years and older.
The sets contain small parts with some sharp edges. Parts contain polyurethane resin.
Keep parts out of the reach of children!
Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Always wear goggles and dust mask when working with resin parts.
Use a wet cloth to clean up your workplace and wash hands with soap after use.

• Part placement on the sprue is subject to change without notice. The shade of grey resin may vary from shown at the photos. Every set comes with advanced pictorial instruction and premium class package(s).
Avoid of counterfeits and cheap imitations!

• Remove thin parts from sprue using a sharp craft knife; scratch a few times along the join between the part and sprue.
Thick sprues can be removed using a hacksaw; mount the sprue in a vise and remove part.
Use Silicone Carbide sandpaper or Tungsten Carbide files to clean contact surfaces. Usual sandpapers and fine files can also be used, but will be less effective.

• Use CA glue (cyanoacrylate, "super-glue") for assembly. Gel-type CA glues are more effective for most joints.

• Parts can be painted with water-based (acrylic) or spirit-based (enamel, etc.) paint. An undercoat of primer is required.
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